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Banner Image - Ukraine

Scotland for Ukrainians: A guide for displaced people

Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people is a comprehensive guide for displaced people from Ukraine arriving under the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme. This has been published by the Scottish Government on, and is available in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Banner - Drive on the Left

Road Safety Scotland's Seasonal ‘Drive on the Left’ Campaign

Introducing Road Safety Scotland's latest 'Drive on the Left' campaign, which urges drivers to stay safe and alert during their journey through Scotland.

Banner - UK Emergency Alerts

UK Emergency Alerts Launch

Today we wanted to share with you a new Emergency Alerts Service that has been launched by the UK Government. 

Driving Tired Kills - Header Image

Driving Tired Kills - Fatigue Campaign Launch

The Driving Tired Kills (Fatigue) Campaign from Road Safety Scotland is focused on reminding people of the dangers when driving fatigued, and to provide tips that people can use to keep safe and reduce the risks of driving when tired.

Spiking - Banner - Dec 2022

Spiking information now live on the website

The Scottish Government has published content on the website, the pages look to inform and support the public around the subject of spiking.

Campaign Banner - Self Referral

Rape and Sexual Assault Self-Referral Campaign Update

As you may be aware, the Scottish Government launched a campaign in April this year to raise awareness of SARCS in Scotland (Sexual Assault Response Coordination Services) .

Campaign Banner - Road Safety - Speed

'There's no Excuse for Speeding' - Launch

Today we are launching the road safety campaign from the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland, which is delivering a clear message for all drivers – There’s no excuse for speeding, even if it’s just a little bit.

21-22 Campaign banner - Seatbelts 1920 x 1080 Jan 2022

Seatbelts Campaign – It’s not just you who gets hurt

Road safety campaign from the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland. 

Campaign Image: Different Minds. One Scotland.

Different Minds. One Scotland.

Find out more regarding our ‘Different minds. One Scotland.’ campaign.