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Header Image - 20mph Roads

20mph Communicator Toolkit Launch

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Transport Scotland and Road Safety Scotland, have released a toolkit for communicators in local authorities and supporting organisations to use when implementing 20mph speed limits in their local area.

Fitness to Drive - Header Image

Road Safety Fitness to Drive Campaign Launch

Road Safety Scotland and The Scottish Government has launched a new Fitness to Drive campaign to inform the public about the links between health and driving and encourage drivers aged 60 and over to get regular eye examinations to continue driving safely.

Campaign Banner - Pavement Parking

Pavement Parking Campaign Launch

The Scottish Government, in collaboration with Transport Scotland and Road Safety Scotland, have launched a campaign informing drivers that they could be fined for parking on the pavement, while highlighting the dangers that such parking poses to pavement users.

Pyrotechnics Misuse - Social Image -1200x675px - Criminal Offence

New Pyrotechnics Legislation

It is illegal in Scotland to carry pyrotechnics, such as flares and fireworks, in public places, including at sporting and live music events.

Campaign Banner - Fireworks Safety Campaign

Fireworks Safety Campaign Launch

It’s nearly Bonfire Night, and ahead of 5 November the Scottish Government and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are launching a campaign to highlight the dangers associated with fireworks misuse and the laws designed to help keep us all safe.

Campaign Banner - Self Referral

Re-launch of ‘Turn to SARCS’ Campaign

SARCS (Sexual Assault Response Coordination Service) is a dedicated NHS service which offers healthcare and support following rape or sexual assault.

Motorbikes - Breathtaking Roads - Header Image

'Breathtaking Roads' Motorcycle Safety Campaign

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland's  'Breathtaking Roads' Motorcycle Safety Campaign is back for the busy riding season.

Banner Image - Ukraine

Scotland for Ukrainians: A guide for displaced people

Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people is a comprehensive guide for displaced people from Ukraine arriving under the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme. This has been published by the Scottish Government on, and is available in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Banner - Drive on the Left

Road Safety Scotland's Seasonal ‘Drive on the Left’ Campaign

Introducing Road Safety Scotland's latest 'Drive on the Left' campaign, which urges drivers to stay safe and alert during their journey through Scotland.

Banner - UK Emergency Alerts

UK Emergency Alerts Launch

Today we wanted to share with you a new Emergency Alerts Service that has been launched by the UK Government. 

Driving Tired Kills - Header Image

Driving Tired Kills - Fatigue Campaign Launch

The Driving Tired Kills (Fatigue) Campaign from Road Safety Scotland is focused on reminding people of the dangers when driving fatigued, and to provide tips that people can use to keep safe and reduce the risks of driving when tired.