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Road Safety Fitness to Drive Campaign Launch

Road Safety Scotland and The Scottish Government has launched a new Fitness to Drive campaign to inform the public about the links between health and driving and encourage drivers aged 60 and over to get regular eye examinations to continue driving safely.

As we get older our eyesight changes, which can affect our driving. The best way to make sure your eyes are fit to drive is to have them tested regularly, or to visit a community optometry practice (opticians) as soon as you notice a change in your eyesight.

Recent statistics show 29% of car driver casualties killed or seriously injured in road collisions in 2022, were aged over 60.

The Fitness to Drive campaign will also ask 60+ drivers to reassess whether other health related issues are affecting the way they drive. The campaign will be live from 8 January across TV, video on demand, radio, digital, social and press supported by PR and partnership channels.

The campaign will also encourage family and friends who may have some influence on older drivers to initiate discussions about driving – which can be a sensitive topic. 

View the Fitness to Drive TV ad on YouTube

Visit the Fitness to Drive campaign page on the Road Safety Scotland website

Stakeholder Toolkit

Fitness to Drive stakeholder toolkit has been developed to help you communicate the campaign messages to your audiences and contains the following:

  • Campaign information
  • Key messages
  • Campaign visuals
  • A3 and A4 posters
  • Social images and short videos
  • Web banner headers
  • Newsletter copy
  • Leaflet (accessible and other language options will be available in the coming weeks)

You can access all Fitness to Drive campaign assets via the the Road Safety Scotland Website - Fitness to Drive

How You Can Help

  • Post the relevant campaign assets with your relevant audiences via your digital and social channels using the hashtag #ArriveAlive
  • Re-share the Fitness to Drive content on the Road Safety Scotland Facebook and X/Twitter page via your social channels
  • Share the campaign films across your networks
  • Utilise the web banner headers on your websites
  • Print/display/distribute posters in visible areas

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support.