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Road Safety Scotland's ‘Drive on the Left’ Campaign Update

New resources are now available.

A huge thank you for all your continued support of Road Safety Scotland's Drive on the Left campaign. Your input, distribution of materials and sharing of messages on social media has been instrumental in getting this important message out to Scotland's visitors.

As we are reaching peak tourist season, we have created additional video and print resources to help visitors prepare for their journey in Scotland. We will also continue to post content around key festival and holiday dates, so please keep an eye on any updates via our Road Safety Scotland Facebook and Twitter channels.

Instructional Video - Driving in Scotland

Working in partnership with Police Scotland, we have created the Driving in Scotland - Advice for Visitors instructional video for visitors. The video highlights key points of advice for international drivers that may not be familiar with Scotland’s roads. Subtitled versions are available in Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Japanese, and Spanish. These have been uploaded to YouTube for you to link on your relevant channels.

We have also created an Instructional Video QR Code Poster which provides links to all additional language videos for you to display in relevant areas to help visitors access these videos.

Drive on the Left Collateral Resources Available

A reminder that Drive on the Left wristbands, leaflets, windshield stickers and Ride on the Left reservoir gaiters for motorcycles are available in multiple languages. If you would like to request some of these resources for your visitors, they are available to you free of charge by contacting

How You can Help

  • Please share the Instructional Videos with your relevant audiences via your digital and social channels
  • Please post the QR code poster in visitor locations so they can access guidance in their preferred languages
  • Please order collateral resources in relevant formats/languages for your audiences
  • Please follow  Road Safety Scotland Facebook and Twitter channels and reshare Drive on the Left messages

A huge thanks again for all your continued support, and please do get in touch if we can help in any way.