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NHS Dentistry Campaign Update

New 'Brush Up' campaign resources now available including explainer videos, price lists and translated/accessible formats.

As a reminder the ‘Brush Up’ Campaign was launched on 31 October and has been designed to increase awareness of the Reform and key patient rights which support the public in understanding what they are entitled to. The campaign has been running across press, radio and digital advertising channels.

The Reform has been introduced by the Scottish Government to support the oral health needs of every patient in Scotland.  A comprehensive range of care and treatment continues to be available on the NHS, but codes for care and treatment, how often or when they can be provided, and how much it will cost, have changed. 

New Campaign Resources

Additional resources have been created to share with your audience, details below:

  • A Public-Facing Dental Reform Explainer Video answering frequently asked questions has been created, which may be useful to share via digital screens, websites and as social cut-down videos.  Suggested social copy for the Explainer Video: You may have heard about changes to NHS dental care in Scotland. What isn’t changing is that you can still get a comprehensive range of treatments through the NHS. And for some people, it could be completely free. Brush up on what you’re entitled to at nhsinform.scot/dentist 
  • The Printable Dental Reform Factsheet is now available in multiple languages including BSL and accessible formats.
  • The BSL Social Film is available for download and via YouTube link.
  • The Full DET1 Price List is also available for download and printing.

You can access the full suite of campaign materials including the Stakeholder Toolkit via the SG Marketing Resource Centre - Dentistry

How You Can Help

  • Share the social media assets and key messages across your channels.
  • Display the campaign poster/s on your premises.
  • Include the suggested content in relevant newsletters across your network
  • Like and follow Healthier Scotland’s X/Twitter and Facebook pages and share posts where relevant.

Many thanks for your continued support, and please do get in touch with any questions.