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Changes happening within NHS Dentistry from 1 November 2023

The ‘Brush Up’ campaign has been designed to increase awareness of the Reform and key patient rights which support the public in understanding what they are entitled to.

The reform has been introduced by the Scottish Government to support the oral health needs of every patient in Scotland.  A comprehensive range of care and treatment continues to be available on the NHS, but codes for care and treatment, how often or when they can be provided, and how much it will cost, have changed. 

The campaign will run from 31 October 2023 for 4 weeks, across press, radio and digital advertising channels.

Campaign key messages:


  • You may have heard about changes to NHS dental care in Scotland. What isn’t changing is that you can still get a comprehensive range of dental care through the NHS. And for some people, treatment could be completely free.

Patients’ rights:

  • If you’re on a low income you could be entitled to free NHS dental treatment.
  • Everyone in Scotland aged 25 and under gets free NHS dental treatment.
  • Pregnant women and new mums get free NHS dental treatment.
  • Ask your dental team about your treatment plan.

How you can help

Using the toolkit linked below and resources via the Campaign Resource centre, you and your organisation and/or community can get involved by:

  • Sharing the social media assets and key messages across your channels.
  • Displaying the campaign poster/s on your premises.
  • Including the suggested content in relevant newsletters across your network
  • Like and follow Healthier Scotland’s X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook pages and share posts where relevant.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Many thanks for your support.