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Ukraine Host Recruitment Campaign

A campaign to find more volunteer hosts for displaced people from Ukraine has launched with a new webpage and important information about how to apply and what to expect.

This campaign is running across all official Scottish Government channels. Further information is available at

How you can help

  • We will continue to share details on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please share our content with your followers.
  • A stakeholder toolkit is attached. This toolkit holds important information on the campaign alongside a range of assets that you can download for your organisation to use.

Stakeholder toolkit

This toolkit contains the following:

For more information on support for displaced people from Ukraine, please sign up to the Scottish Government’s newsletter for regular updates.

This toolkit will be updated on an ongoing basis to address any emerging changes to policy and guidance and will be re-issued when appropriate.

If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch with us. We would appreciate your help in sharing this important message with your audiences and across your community.