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Stay Well Signage Refresh

Stay Well Signage has been refreshed to support you this Winter!

Stay Well Signage supports infection resilient spaces for all.

All Covid rules and restrictions remain lifted in Scotland, but the virus has not gone away. Respiratory infections including COVID-19 can spread more in indoor spaces, so it is important to continue doing the things that help keep us all well.

The voluntary Stay Well Signage scheme supports your organisation or business to highlight what you are doing for staff, customers, service users and visitors to help them stay well. It supports organisations and businesses to establish and embed long-term adaptations which will build infection resilient spaces around Scotland. This is particularly re-assuring for those people at highest risk from Covid and other respiratory infections.

The Signage scheme supports you to display the protective measures in place which help to build resilience to respiratory infections including COVID-19.

We are pleased to share refreshed Stay Well Signage.

You can visit the Scottish Government website for guidance and step by step information on how to take part in the scheme.

We invite current and new participants to generate new Stay Well Signage via the website.

Resources to promote participation in the Stay Well Signage scheme, including a digital toolkit, are available to download via the Scottish Government Resource Centre

We welcome your support in spreading the word across your networks, and in registering your organisation or business to participate in Stay Well Signage.

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