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Scotland for Ukrainians: A guide for displaced people

Scotland for Ukrainians: a guide for displaced people is a comprehensive guide for displaced people from Ukraine arriving under the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme. This has been published by the Scottish Government on, and is available in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

This document provides clear information as well as signposting to trustworthy sources to empower displaced people to make informed decisions and to stay safe. It covers topics such as visas, travel, accommodation, housing options, safety and life in Scotland.

A toolkit has been developed to help in directing displaced people from Ukraine to the new guidance.

Stakeholder Toolkit

The Stakeholder Toolkit contains information on the guidance document alongside a range of assets for use. It contains the following:

  • Key messages
  • Social posts with suggested copy
  • Social media images
  • Videos focusing on accommodation, showcasing Scotland, and rights and protections
  • Links to additional resources

You can download all resources directly via the SG Marketing Resource Centre - Ukraine 

How You Can Help

  • Share the campaign resources available via your social media channels
  • Distribute the Stakeholder Toolkit with your internal and external networks

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If you have any questions, feedback or requests, please get in touch. We would appreciate your help in sharing the resources to direct people to the guidance document.