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Mind to Mind and Teen Mental Health Campaign Launches

With January being a difficult time for many, it’s important to encourage everyone to look after both themselves and their family's physical and mental health.

Campaign Overviews

Post-Christmas blues and cold dark nights can have an impact on everyone’s mental health. For those going through a difficult patch, feeling stressed, anxious or low, the Scottish Government’s Mind to Mind campaign and Parent Club's Teen Mental Health campaign offers practical tips to help with life’s ups and downs.

The Mind to Mind campaign aims to ensure people can think about their mental health alongside their physical health and have the information and support they need.

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Raising a teenager isn’t easy and the Teen Mental Health 'Parenting Teens' campaign looks to help parents navigate the ever changing and sometimes challenging relationships with their teenagers.

New Mind to Mind Assets

A film featuring Scotland's Principal Medical Officer for Mental Health Dr Alastair Cook has been created to share some tips on how to look after yourself at this time of year.

The film can be viewed and/or downloaded via the SG Campaign Resource Centre here. 

Campaign Toolkits

How You Can Support 

Please let us know if your require support with the campaign assets.

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