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Lung Cancer Campaign Launch

We are pleased to announce a re-run of Scottish Government lung cancer campaign, Settling In.  Launching tomorrow (Thursday 21 July), it aims to encourage people to contact their GP practice should they have symptoms that could be lung cancer.

The Campaign

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the potential symptoms of lung cancer and reinforce the fact that the earlier lung cancer is found, the more that can be done to treat it, in a bid to encourage people to act. 

The campaign also reinforces that GP practices want to hear from anyone concerned about potential symptoms and reminds people that their initial appointment maybe by phone but they will be invited in if further examination or tests are required.

Settling In materials will also direct people to where they’ll find information on lung cancer symptoms and the benefits of early detection.

The campaign includes TV, out-of-home, press, radio, PR and partnership activity over a six week period.

Key Messages

  • Don’t let lung cancer make itself at home.
  • If you have unusual breathlessness or a new or different persistent cough for more than three weeks, don’t delay contacting your GP practice.
  • These symptoms can be early signs of lung cancer, especially if you’re over 40.
  • However, there are more treatment options available if lung cancer is found earlier, so it’s important to get possible symptoms checked.
  • Your GP practice is there for you – your initial appointment may be over the phone but you will be invited in for a face-to-face appointment if an examination or tests are needed.
  • Find out more about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, visit

Stakeholder Toolkit and Campaign Resources

The stakeholder toolkit attached includes further information on the campaign and available assets.

The campaign leaflet is also available in the following languages and formats: Arabic, Gaelic, Polish, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Urdu, audio, BSL, easy read and large print.

All campaign assets can be found via the ‘Get Checked Early’ stakeholder page here.

How You Can Help

  • Encourage your network to visit the website by using the suggested editorial copy in newsletters or intranets
  • Share campaign digital assets across your social channels
  • Like and follow Healthier Scotland’s Twitter and Facebook pages and share posts where relevant
  • Share the TV advert across social media channels and intranets
  • Print / display the leaflet and poster to your audiences where possible

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,